Mcinnes and Co Hair Extensions

Ruby Jayne Hair Extensions are made from the highest quality Remy cuticle human hair, to give you gorgeous hair to envy.

Using the softest Russian, European and Brazilian Remy hair, they remain tangle free, shiny and manageable for longer than other brands.

Ruby Jayne Hair Extensions have been personally tried and tested, by a hairdresser herself, in order to supply the best product possible to give you amazing long locks you’ve always wanted.

Even if your hair colour is slightly different to your extensions, Ruby Jayne Hair Extensions blend with your own hair beautifully due to the multi tone colours in most of our extensions.

Ruby Jayne  Hair Extensions are available in Tape-in, Clip-in & Micro-weft Hair Extensions

-prices start from $399

Consultations are recommended prior to service for the correct colour match and to decide on a method best suited for your life style.


Full Head
Fine/Med (40pieces)
Med/Thick (60pieces)
Half Head
Fine/ Med (20pieces)
Med/ Thick (30pieces)

*Prices may vary depending on hair length.

Ruby Jayne hair extensions
are exclusively available within NZ at McInnes & Co

Ruby Jayne Clip-in, Weft and Tape Hair Extensions are 100% remy human hair in premium 8a grade quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

If properly installed and maintained, they will not damage your hair. Any hair extension method, if not done correctly or properly maintained, can cause damage to your own hair. That’s why it is always important to follow care instructions or your stylist’s recommendations. At the time of the consultation, we will go over the best method for your hair type.

The length of wear depends on the method of hair extensions that you have. Ruby Jayne Tape and Micro-weft Hair Extensions should last you anywhere between 6 to 12 months or longer, with proper care and maintenance. Clip-in Hair extensions can last longer than this depending on how often they are worn and how they are cared for.

To maintain your tape hair extensions after 6-8 weeks a solution is applied to the wefts to dissolve the wefts allowing the wefts to easily slide off the hair with no damage to your own hair. The tape is then reapplied and hair is reused. Micro weft hair extensions are also recommended to be maintained 6-8 weeks. The micro bonds and wefts are removed and then reinstalled, pulling through different pieces of hair through the weft.

Prices for hair extensions vary on the method used and the amount of hair needed to achieve your desired result. We can give you an accurate quote upon consultation.

Clip-ins stocked at McInnes&Co are 160g Double Weft sets and retail for $350 with a colour match and consultation.

Tape Hair Extensions start from $399 and Micro-weft Hair Extensions from $499.

Yes. Most of our clients who want hair extensions have fine hair and are wanting to add more length and thickness. We can cut the extensions to fit, so this gives us the flexibility to position them where ever we need to to make them as discrete as possible. Our extensions are used for thickness and body as much as they are used for length.

If you have thin hair, tape in extensions is one of the best hair extension choices for you. With tape-ins your hair is protected from damage and breakage due to less weight put on your hair, compared to weft hair with clips or micro bonds.

Yes. Ruby Jayne Hair Extensions are 100% Remy human hair, meaning the cuticle is intact and the hair is placed with the cuticle all facing the same direction.  Clip-in Hair extensions are made from Brazilian Hair and Tape and Weft hair is made from Russian and European Hair.

This means you can straighten, blow-dry, curl and style the hair extensions, just as you would your own hair. You can even colour and cut the hair extensions, however at home colouring is not recommended. Just remember to take extra good care of your hair, use a heat protectant, and keep your styling tools under 180 degrees.

Remy human hair extensions are considered to be the highest quality hair extensions available. “Remy” is when the roots and ends of the hair are all running in the same direction, as it does on your own head. This makes the hair less prone to tangling, easier to care and maintain and creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance and texture. This process ensures that the hair remains soft, shiny and tangle-free throughout its lifetime.
Always make sure your hair is dry, pulled up or put into a loose braid to keep hair from tangling at night. Be sure to brush properly, holding the roots to prevent pulling on the tape, clips or bonds. Use a wide tooth comb to remove tangles if needed, especially when the hair is wet.

We recommend using only low settings on curling irons, GHD and blow dryers. It is always recommended to use a heat protection product before applying heat to the extensions.

Just like our own hair, the less heat you use the better.

Clip-in Hair Extensions can be reapplied and styled daily. If using a curling iron or flat iron, we recommend first styling your own hair, and then styling the clip-ins before clipping in to avoid unnecessary tension on your own hair.  It is not necessary to wash your clip-in extensions after every use. Keep in mind, just like our own hair, any type of heat wears on the hair in time. These tips will save your own hair & extensions from extra unnecessary heat styling damage.

Keep up to date on your maintenance and do not go longer than 8 weeks or go against your stylist’s recommendation.

At McInnes&Co, we stock Kevin Murphy which is all cruelty and sulphate free. Sulphate Free haircare is recommended for use on the hair extensions, as well as an oil to keep the hair soft and a heat protection product to protect the hair from damage when using heated appliances. The Young Again Kevin Murphy range is my favourite for hair extensions. Avoid products containing protein.


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